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22 December 2018


Monday 24th December 2018 - Open 10am-2pm Thursday 27th December 2018 - Open 10am-4pm Friday 28th December 2018 - Open 10am-4pm Saturday 29th December 2018 - Open 10am-2pm Monday 31st December 2018 - Open 10am-2pm Wednesday 2nd January 2019 - Open normal hours...

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03 August 2018

Will An Interest Rate Rise Crash The Property Market?

I recently gave a talk at the Baker Street Property Meet in London to 115 property investors. Here you will find various resources related to my talk. My slides: https://goo.gl/QyUvsB A number of attendees from the event wanted to visit our lettings agency in Leicester and have a look at some of our deals. We will also share how we run our sourcing, development and management businesses. To register your interest please use this form https://goo.gl/GNpVLi A number of attendees from th...

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21 March 2017

Under 40? Invest £4k per year in a LISA and wind up with up to £1m at 60.

From April 6th 2017, a tax efficient savings account will be available for anyone between the ages of 18 to 40. I fall into this age bracket so I decided to put together a basic spreadsheet to figure out whether LISA’s are worth looking into – you can  look at my spreadsheet  below if you like (there is a download link below the spreadsheet). You can find a good summary of LISA’s here at moneysavingexpert.com so I will not explain them in detail. The w...

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31 December 2016

Time To Exit The Property Market?

During the 2016 Christmas break I put some time aside to think about whether my strategy still makes sense given the new risks and opportunities that have recently appeared. My strategy is simple: to grow my net worth at an average rate over a long period of time that exceeds the return I could get from doing nothing. If I cannot do this, then I should not bother running a business – simply investing my funds into a low cost stock market tracker fund, say an ETF, would deliver better...

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